About the game

Huey is a classic 2D platform game combined with original puzzle elements. It is a game full of surprises. Guide Huey through various levels, gather various pickups and avoid dangerous enemies as you try to reach the level exit. Run, roll, ride, swim and climb your way through exotic worlds, explore hidden areas and fight level bosses.

  • 5 different worlds with more than 30 levels
  • 25 unique enemies
  • Challenging boss fights
  • Filled with secrets and hidden areas
  • Original pixel graphics
  • Nonstop retro platforming action

Help Huey rescue his girlfriend from the evil tiki tribe and their ruler Tiki Kong who holds Huey's girlfriend captured in his vicious castle.


Each level in Huey is fitted with six different objectives, that can be completed in a single level run. Complete all objectives to reach a 100% game completion - this will be no easy task, but we hope YOU will give it a go.

All Eggs
Explore the level and retrieve all eggs.
All Letters
Collect all four letters that combined will spell H.U.E.Y
3 Golden Eggs
Explore hidden areas to locate the three golden eggs.
Full Health
Complete the level with full health bar.
8 Stars
Find the golden star and quickly collect the seven others
Time Mode
Complete the level within a short amount of time.

Screenshot and video

Official Huey Trailer
Official Huey Trailer
Huey level 1-1 five star run
Huey level 1-1
five star run
Huey level 2-1 five star run
Huey level 2-1
five star run
Huey level 3-1 five star run
Huey level 3-1
five star run
Huey level 4-1 five star run
Huey level 4-1
five star run
Huey level 5-1 five star run
Huey level 5-1
five star run


Huey is available on Android marked and will be available later this year on iOS and OUYA.

Huey is available in Google play store
Comming soon
Comming soon


There has been a wealth of terrific platformers arriving on Android recently but indie developer FragmentTwo’s Huey stands out as one of the best. This ode to retro sidescrollers like Kid Chameleon is high on the nostalgia factor with classic gameplay that feels like it came straight out of a Sega Genesis. As an adventurous dino it’s up to players to run, butt stomp, and swim their way through over 30 levels filled with challenging gameplay and cool power ups.   Read more...
It is quite rare that we come across a great mobile game that has managed to tick every box, but Huey for Android may just be a game that does this - it is an arcade game that takes a lot of inspiration from Sonic the Hedgehog and Mario, and gives us an experience that is fully complete with a story, a set of levels to follow, and lots of great 2D platformer challenges.   Read more...

Frequently Asked Questions

QuestionIs it possible to double jump?
Answer: Yes it possible, but only for a short period of time and it requires a special powerup which is depicted as a power drink.
QuestionWhat happens when all lives is lost?
Answer: When Huey looses all lives all of the collected coins are lost. But it will not affect the overall game progress. All levels and worlds that has been unlocked will remain unlocked.
QuestionTemple world remains locked after completing Castle world?
Answer: Temple world is different from the other worlds. It will not be unlocked automatically after completing the Castle world. To unlock Temple world the four previous worlds must be completed (Jungle, Ice, Cave and Castle) and 7500 coins collected, then it can be unlocked from the ingame shop. To access the shop, enter one of the unlocked worlds and click on the shop icon in the lower right corner of the screen.


Huey is a game created by FragmentTwo
A very special thanks goes to Tom Filhol and Thomas Feichtmeir who made the stunning pixel graphics.


We are a small indie game development team with two programmers. Our goal is to produce entertaining games for mobile devices.


If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please don't hesitate to contact us by e-mail


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